Life on Earth has reached a critical juncture

We are in a global warming crisis. Our ecosystems are under constant human aggression. Increasingly, survival will be an issue for much of humankind. For the rest of life on Earth, decline in the health of ecosystems and the lossof cultural and biodiversity will affect quality of life.


We are accountable for our acts

We consider ourselves to be an integral part of our communities – our employees, the farmers on and around our projects, our partners and our suppliers. We recognise our responsibilities to all of these relationshipsand make our decisions with their general benefit andsustainability in mind.


Conscious Capitalism is the future

One day, virtually every business will operate with a sense of higher purpose, integrate the interests of all stakeholders, develop and elevate conscious leaders, and build a culture of trust, accountability and caring. Free-enterprise capitalism is the most powerful system for social cooperation and human progress ever conceived. But we believe that all earnings are not equal and that it matters how money is made by businesses. Conscious businesses are driven by higher purposes that serve, align and integrate the interests of all their major stakeholders.

We must have long-term vision and partners

We do as much business as we can with as few suppliers and contractors as possible. The downside is the risk of becoming highly dependent on another company’s performance. But that is exactly the position we want to be in because those companies are also dependent on us. Our potential success is linked. What is good for them is good for us.


We are the change

The leading agents of change are those who are engaged in business or activism – not politicians, bureaucrats or regulators. The status quo simply cannot continue. The future is unsustainable in so many respects. We, the environmental activists, the renewable power supporters, the conscious capitalism partisans, must step forward and explain, convince and act according to our vision of the future.